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Training and Labs - ECC

Exploring, Creating and Constructing

Training and Labs - ECC
The aim is to improve STEM skills (Science, Technology, Engineering and Mathematics) through "tinkering" methodology and educational robotics according to a multidisciplinary approach.

Following a training course focused on the development of computational thinking, kids, aged 7-13 years, will carry out mini-projects with a kit prepared specially for robotics.

The training and labs activities will take place at the EU-Track headquarters - Viale Europa, 95 - Terracina (LT) and will involve a maximum of 15 participants from October 2019 to May 2020.
The start date of the activities is scheduled for 25 October 2019, every Friday from 16:30 to 18:30 (no. 50 hours total / no. 25 meetings).
Registration fee: € 80 (didactic and laboratory kit, participation certificate included).
Application Procedure: send the application form, available here below, to or hand it in by no later than 18/10/2019.
The course is limited number and the date of arrival for the registration will determine the enrollemnt priority.
For more information: mail to or call 3450252935.
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