About us
About us
EU-Track is a Research and Development Association composed by highly qualified researchers with different backgrounds and more than 15 years of professional and research experience, especially in geotechnical engineering, nanotechnology, education-pedagogy, sociology, science education in STE(A)M (Science, Technology, Engineering, Arts, Mathematics).
The strength of our Scientific Committee stands in the multidisciplinary and interdisciplinary approach combining the academic-scientific and entrepreneurial aspects aimed to the implementation of research activities which can create an actual innovation.
Thanks to our international network including universities, research centers, business companies, public authorities, training centers both in Europe and in Asia, we strongly believe that we can realize high quality innovative activities to be exploited on the labor market, in particular, for new generations.
Moreover, in addition to our institutional research activities, we offer a support in scientific projects and consulting activities in the framework of National and International proposals, especially in:
  • designing and development of International, European and National project and research proposals,
  • designing and development of training and retraining courses for different ages and topics,
  • offering technical and scientific consulting to private and public organizations at national and International level.