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STEM Education through Arts and mini-games

From 15/04/2020 to 15/04/2020
STEM Education through Arts and mini-games
In the framework of European initiative STEM Discovery Campaign 2020, EU-Track Association, in collaboration with Institute Comprensivo “Maria Montessori” of Terracina organized the webinar “STEM Education through Arts and mini-games”. The webinar took place on April, 15th at 15.00 (GMT+1) and it was hosted by Scientix.

This event was addressed to headmasters, teachers and all people interested to disseminate and promote STEM.

It was an opportunity to learn about the tools and methodology developed by the G.A.STEM project team and to know how teachers and students could participate in the testing phase planned.

The G.A.STEM project objectives are:
  1. Reinforcing teacher skills in the use of ART as the development of creativity in their students to promote their interest in STEM education and consequently their interest in scientific careers;
  2. Improving STEM education through the discovery of the connections between ARTS and reality and the promotion of creativity development in 13-16 years old students;
  3. Recombining in a new way the application of the technology to the STE(A)M education through the development and design of mini-games and game assets.
Prof. Teresita Gravina, Scientix Ambassador, and Prof. Barbara Marini, Headmaster of Istituto Comprensivo "Maria Montessori" of Terracina partecipated in the event.

Please, consult the agenda.
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