A Multidisciplinary Approach in STEM Education
Category: STE(A)M education
Published: 31/05/2017
Proceeding: The Future of Education 7th edition - libreriauniversitaria.it
Authors: Dochshanov A., Tramonti M.
FotografiaFollowing the idea that "at the nano level atoms do not belong to any field of science", the work discusses the concept of nanotechnologies and applied mathematics by treating them as the nowadays multidisciplinary convergence points and potential ideological fulcra for the educational approaches of the nearest future.

In this context, authors analyze recent results (including their own) obtained in the fields of nanotechnology, biomedical engineering and mathematical education, to demonstrate the idea of synergetic efficiency and deeper understanding provided by such a multidisciplinary approach. By introducing the results obtained in our recent research, we outline the diversity of the concepts, ideas, methods and problems to be dealt with during such a work, and how the final outcome can bring out not only in terms of the scientific development itself, but to be used as an immediate reference point for the teacher of today.

In particular, we show that the introduction of the multidisciplinary point of STEM skills development turns the teaching and learning process into a problem-oriented creativity reasoning. The latter, in turn, eliminates the interdisciplinary constraints and paves a way to the understanding of multidisciplinary nature of problem solving approach. Authors claim, to consider the enormous acceleration of technological development that we are witnessing, such a feedback, which connects the ultimate concepts of the modern science with the professional vision of a teacher, who in this case represents a crucial figure in the link "science education-pupil", may be considered as a requisite by default.

Keywords: STEM education, Multidisciplinary approach, Nanotechnology.

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