1st Instructor Training Event - ICT_INOV Project
From 04/03/2022 to 04/03/2022
FotografiaThe first instructor-training event took place with GC-FS Alumni – Italy, on March 04th 2022. Due to COVID 19 restrictions, the event was organized online through the platform Zoom. This is student association organizing training activities in Lazio and its surroundings on specific topics like "Energy Transition", "Sustainable Development" and "Energy Community" by dealing with critical practical issues of our territory.

The participants had the opportunity to know the ICT_INOV project in terms of aims and methodological learning approach focused on developing innovation skills in different sectors, mainly in ICT.

They went in-depth on the methodology and design-thinking process through the key steps, team building, problem discovery, empathy, ideation, prototyping and testing.
After that, it was introduced the ICT_INOV platform to show them all the potentialities and opportunities from both methodological and technical points of view from teacher's and student's sides.